• What Remains

    Two swallowtails mating 
    after the storm –
    wings washed brown 
    with rain, edges pinking-sheared
    by hours and days of the impossible – 
    too weary to rise an inch above 
    Highway 90 as it smokes its heat 
    into the evening air, too damaged 
    to be what they are – they roil 
    like water snakes.
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  • Scarecrow

    Scarecrow crafter, burlap-tailor,
    black-eye smudger, when I’m done,
    crows mistake you for a man:
    silent shooer, stock-still farmer,
    to them alone a tartan terror.
    I fisted through your flannel,

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  • Photograph, 1984

    Swallow this
    house — bedroom window paned
    like a roadside cross
    erected for a reckless boy, wreath
    of camera-flare, paper flower of real grief
    with too bright a center, edges finally fading
    in shoebox weather.
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  • Feral

    Three golden dogs sprawled
    in the dawn cold, honeyed

    bellies full of secrets as they lie
    behind the illusion

    of a low picket of ruby glass,
    the sun behind it, trick of the light

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